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"I just had to share the results of my cardiology check up this past week. I am SO excited!

First of all - The mechanical mitral valve is still doing great after 17 years, THAT IS GREAT! The damaged aortic valve is the one that we are 'babysitting' to see how long I can go with out having to go through another open heart surgery to replace it as well. Each visit for the past 17 years I have been told that 'you know eventually that aortic valve will have to be replaced'. 

Now for the rest of my story-- As my doctor was going over my echo cardiogram he kept going back again and again to show me the valves and how they were working. He told me 'No change in the mitral valve, and look, the aortic has no narrowing and the leaflets are opening and closing very well!' My readings went from 3.8 to 3.5! There is no other explanation for it to go lower than it has been for the last 10 years!!! If it goes above 4.2 then I will need surgery. AMAZING! Oh yes!!! 

He asked me what I had been doing, and I told him about CrossFit. He wanted to know what it involved and how my 66 year old body has been responding to it. As I shared some of my workouts and how they've effected me he asked about my 'trainer' or if I had one. I explained that my trainer and the owner know of my medical and physical history, and made adaptations as need, and I know my body [and it's capacity]. He cautioned me about a few things to be mindful of if symptoms arise and then told me continue as I was doing!! He said that if I can hold off for 10 more years, then the surgery, if still needed, would be non-invasive. Now that would be a real gift to myself. 

Thank you for your efforts with me - I am a very grateful and 'healthy' person!!!! 


-DeAnne Wilkins